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Monthly Performance Bonus's + Benefits (Not Affected By Recent Medicare Cuts)
More Time With Family & Friends (Double Paid Vacation Time After 1 yr)
75% Less Patients With Same Pay And Much Less Paper Work
Our model is a hybrid cash pay practice (insurance + out of network services + cash pay wellness services). This allows us to see a drastically lowered caseload and devote 4x's as much time with each client and allows each PT/PTA to get much better results for each patient coming in. This also has an added perk for each physical therapist...LESS STRESS.. due to the condensed caseload.
What You'll See In The Clinic's Down The Road..
  • 24- 32 Clients On Your Caseload Daily (3-4 patients hour) - We Only Allow 1 Client An Hour (6-8 daily)
  • Late Nights Doing Endless Amounts of Documentation (1-2 hours) - Less Than 10 Minutes of Documentation At End of Day Due to Our Model & Systems In Place
  • Restricted to 5-10 min With Each Client Before Being Forced to Pass Them Over to a Tech With Much Less Training - No Technicians Are In Our Practice. You'll have a Full 60 Minutes With Each Client One on One
  • Forced to Throw Hot Packs, Ultrasound, or E-Stim On Clients Due to Time Constraints - A Full Hour is Given For Each Client; Thus, Allowing for Lots of Time for Manual Therapy, Education, and Specialized Exercise Medicine
  • Tricked Into Signing a Non Compete Clause - We Don't Believe In Forcing Our PT/PTA's Into Working With Us. We Don't Have A Non-Compete Clause. That Way You Can Stay With Us Only Because You Love the Model & Our Clients
  • Judged on How Many Clients Seen - We don't think rewarding clinicians on seeing as many clients a day as possible is ethical. We value results... so with that said, each clinician is rewarded with monthly performance bonus's based off patients being happy and reaching their goals.
  • Achy Hands and Back's From Overwork - With Only 6-8 Clients A Day Your Body Will Thank You!
  • Frustrated Because Your Clients Aren't Improving After Months of PT - You'll Have SIGNIFICANTLY More Time for Skilled Treatments and You'll Have the Time to Adjust the Program as Needed. You'll Have the Time to Just Talk to your Client.. This Is Almost Impossible With 3-4 Clients An Hour At Most Clinics
  • Limited to No Vacation Time, One Day Off For Christmas, and Penalties for Sick Days - We Give Out Lots of Vacation Time And We Actually DOUBLE it After the First Year. Lots of Time For Holidays is Given (Family Time Is Important to Our Company). And Of Course No Penalty Is Given For Sick Days
  • Lack of Focus on Skill Development and Little to No Coverage of CEU's - We Know You Got Into This Profession Because You Want to Help People. We Like to Nurture That With 1-2 hours a Week of Skill Training, $700-$1,000 of CEU Coverage a Year, and Hotel Coverage Up to 3 Days For Those Courses!
  • No Flexibility- This clinic was founded by a PT, and its structured around allowing PT/PTA's to have an amazing experience themselves. One way we do this is by working together to form a schedule that fits you as a clinican (hours/days). This allows for applicants that are a long driving distance away to still have a shot at working for us and being extremely happy.
  • No Little Extras.. - We have a large focus on keeping our PT's as happy as possible. One way we do this is by giving them 60 minute free massages from our massage therapy department each month!
Don't Believe Us? Go Ahead And Check With Our Competitors..We'll Wait :)
With Our Model You Can Get More Time With Family & Friends After Work And Have Less Clients On Your Caseload Daily..So Each And Every Client Gets 4x's More Attention And 10x's the Results!

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