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We're looking for a single physical therapist or physical therapist assistant  (full time position), and its going to be a first come first serve basis. Once we've selected a person that's perfect for the job; we'll be closing all applications. So please contact us as soon as possible to see if your a great fit for our team!
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MANY More Family Vacations..
Here's a recent Disney trip the wife and I went on. Our business model allowed us to spend over 7 days enjoying the sun in Florida. Was an amazing trip, I think Hannah developed a mouse ear addiction!
Avoid Rushing And Actually Enjoy Time With Clients..
With an hour per client, stress is a thing of the past. We have plenty of time just to catch up with clients and develop a great relationship with all of them. Even enough time to just sit down, drink some coffee, and enjoy some pumpkin cookies!
Less Paperwork And More Time Doing What You Love..
Here's a recent trip I took to Stratford Hall. We got off work early and decided to go on a Kayaking trip along the coast. As you can see it was EXTREMELY relaxing and the sunset was amazing that day.
Want to Learn More About Us?
This is my wife Hannah and myself at our wedding. We've since opened our physical therapy practice together, and its been AMAZING. We keep things very relaxed and casual at our clinic. Its a true family run business.
This is our fur baby Reese! He's the clinic mascot and very often we'll bring him down to greet the clients. He's very friendly and will lick you to death.
Here's our practice, its located right on the edge of town. It's loaded with lots of space (2 gyms, multiple treatment rooms, massage therapy room, good size waiting room, kitchen, etc.). The best part about it is we have our apartment on the top floor of the practice and have the shortest commute to work (12 steps!).
What's In Montross, Virginia?
Stratford Hall is just 11 minutes away. It's a historic plantation that has numerous trails surrounding it, beautiful beach, cabins, and frequent wine festivals.
We have two beautiful rivers (Rappahannock & Potomac) that surround our small town. Lots of great beaches, boating, fishing, etc.
Montross is filled with numerous Mom & Pop Shops. The above picture is of Angelo's. The restaurant is well known for its terrific pizza and fresh oysters.
Want Fresh Produce? My family has been producing great crops for over 100 years. Stop by to get some fresh sweet corn, local honey, fresh tomatoes, and even yellow seedless watermelons to name a few!
Right beside Montross's pharmacy we have our towns coffee house. Come in to get your morning brew before work and its breakfast's or lunches are always a great choice.
Want to mix it up a bit? Drive around an hour to get to Richmond, Va. Here you can enjoy the big city. Lots of shopping centers and restaurants located here.
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