Enjoy High Levels Of Mentorship, Personal Development, And A Career With Low Stress Due To Our "Out Of The Box" PT Clinic Model!
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Check out this quick video to meet our owner Dr. Sisson and get an idea of how our unique practice model here at Sisson & Associates applies to you!

Are We The Right Fit?

Due to the current demand for this position, we only want to take in folks for the interview process that have a necessary skill set. If you have no experience with scheduling, basic computer skills, handling social media (personal or business), managing people in some form, and being able to EASILY connect with the public, we'd advise you not to continue with the application. We are only looking for individuals with strong experience in these areas.

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Monthly Performance Bonuses + Unique Benefits
More Time With Family & Friends (Double Paid Vacation Time After 1 yr)
Only 1 Client Per Doctor ( This Means MUCH Less Stress For You Too!)
Our model is hybrid cash pay practice. This allows us to see a drastically lowered caseload and devote 4x's as much time with each client and produce unremarkable results for each person coming in. This also has an added perk for our Office Manager...LESS STRESS.. due to the condensed caseload.
What Sort Of Benefits Comes Along With The Job?
  • Small Caseload For Each Of Our Doctors (100% 1 on 1), Which Equals MUCH Less Stress, Paper Work, and Hassle For You Than In Other Clinic's
  • Large Amount of Paid Time Off (Vacations, Holidays); With Vacation PTO Time Doubling After 1st Year
  • Free 60 Minute Standard Massage Each Month Given As a Perk For Our Staff
  • Over 2+ Hours Of Mentorship Each Week to improve your skills and help you enjoy a long stable career
  • Extra Cash Flow Coming In Each Month With Performance Bonus's
What Type Of Responsibilities Would I Have With This Position?
  • Managing the schedule and keeping it filled for our physical therapists.
  • Interacting with our patients and giving them a great personal experience every visit
  • Handling our social media, doing frequent posts
  • Managing other staff and hosting coaching/accountability meetings each week
  • Doing payroll, working with our biller, and helping the owner keep track of clinic statistics
    With Our Model You Can Get More Time With Family & Friends Outside Of Work And Have Half The Stress From Traditional Office Management Jobs!

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