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During this COVID-19 situation, We've had had almost 2x's as many folks calling the practice suffering with sciatica or increased back pain. This is mainly due to people having much higher levels of inactivity due to COVID restrictions or in some cases even overdoing it with exercise due to more time off work/etc.

With that said, we want to make sure that we can continue to get clients off the pills, away from surgery/injections, and back to enjoying a comfortable active life with family and friends.

To do this we've stayed open, but we've made some extreme adjustments to protect our clients (...wouldn't be a stretch to say the most extreme of any Physical Therapy Office in the Northern Neck!).  Feel free to see our FAQ below to see what measures we're taking for our in house clients.

(In Clinic Precautions)

In What Ways Are You Protecting Me During COVID-19?

  • 100% Closure Of Our Waiting Rooms: Clients are individually waved out of their cars by their doctor and enter the clinic with no contact with other clients. Only 1:1 contact between PT and patient. Most offices haven't implemented this strategy. It allows our clients to avoid being within 6 feet of other clients.
  • All Clinicians Have Been Fully Vaccinated with their two doses of Pfizer vaccination.
  • ​Every Staff Member Will Wear A Mask At All Times: We've made it a point to follow all of the guidelines set forth by the governor. But above and below you'll notice lots of extra precautions we've taken to allow clients to feel extremely comfortable getting the care they need from us.
  • Back Entry Option For Any Client: Folks can choose to come in our back door that links directly to their individual treatment room. This also avoids contact with every other staff member other than you and your doctor. You'll have a truly 1:1 experience every session.
  • Only One Client Per Doctor At Any One Time: Clinics take pride in seeing 3-4 clients an hour, we have always stressed quality over quantity. And always want to give the full attention of our doctors to each of their clients. So only 1 client is allowed in our practice per doctor, per hour. This not only will produce superior results (...we've done this ever since we've opened years ago), but it'll allow clients to have that 1:1 experience without contact with other clients or staff.
  • ​Hourly Sanitation of Treatment Rooms, Gym's, Bathroom, and our Lobby: All staff are instructed to use disinfectant wipes on all surfaces on an hourly basis (..basically after each and every client). We are very diligent and detailed with this (ex, door knobs, chair handles, under treatment tables, kitchen facets, etc.)
  • ​Personal Hand Sanitizer: Throughout the clinic we have multiple points where we've placed hand sanitizer stations to allow clients access at anytime throughout their isolated experience with their doctor.
Many years ago, I suffered with extreme amounts of back pain that went all the way down to my knee.

I was taking loads of Tylenol, couldn't exercise, couldn't get more than 5 hours of sleep every night, couldn't tolerate driving more than 10-20 minutes, and just couldn't enjoy family time like I use to.

So I understand how frustrating back pain can be, and with COVID-19 back pain is almost doubling in our region. So its important now more than ever, that we don't force our self's to suffer and miss out on enjoying life again during this time.

Whether its through my books or in house treatments, Im here for you. We want you to not only get rid of your back pain for good, but also stay safe with precautions that go beyond the standard. If you ever need me or any of my top doctors to speak to you personally, just click the button below to set up a 100% free Phone Consultation on me!
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